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Stephanie Scurci, MD

Dr. Scurci is a plastic and reconstructive surgeon providing the full spectrum of reconstructive and aesthetic surgical procedures including face, breast, and body surgery. She strives to achieve a deep understanding of her patients’ aesthetic goals to formulate surgical or non-surgical treatment plans that are tailored to each individual. Her passion is producing aesthetic surgical outcomes that are elegant, refined, and natural-looking.


Dr. Scurci attended St. Mary’s College of Maryland where she double-majored in Biology and Neuroscience, while also playing collegiate volleyball. Following graduation, she was awarded a prestigious one year research fellowship at the National Cancer Institute in Washington, D.C. performing genetics research. Her research in cancer genomics included clinical trial involvement at the NIH Medical Center, which was both fulfilling and influenced her desire to translate her research experiences into direct patient care by pursuing medicine. She would go on to earn her Doctor of Medicine (M.D.) from the University of Maryland School of Medicine, where her experience at Shock Trauma, a renowned Level I trauma center, motivated her to seek a surgical residency position.

After relocating to Florida, Dr. Scurci completed a 5-year general surgery residency at the University of Miami where she graduated as chief resident and was resident of the year. She is board certified in General Surgery by the American Board of Surgery, signifying her training in a wide range of surgical specialties, including plastic surgery, providing her a well-rounded and comprehensive surgical repertoire.

Immediately following general surgery residency, Dr. Scurci went on to further specialize in Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery through a 3-year fellowship at the Cleveland Clinic in Florida. Completing plastic surgery fellowship in South Florida gave Dr. Scurci extensive experience in a high volume of face, breast, and body aesthetic plastic surgery. At Cleveland Clinic, she met and served as chief resident with Dr. Savannah Moon where the idea of opening a private practice together initially took shape. She is a board eligible plastic surgeon by the American Board of Plastic Surgery.

These experiences and training have shaped Dr. Scurci into the plastic surgeon she is today. Her oncologic research instilled compassion, general surgery fostered persistence and hard work, and plastic surgery refined her skills to create elegant surgical results.

Dr. Scurci aims to maintain balance between her professional and family life and lives in Boca Raton with her husband and two young children. She enjoys going to the beach and spending time on the water with family and friends.

Himmarshee Plastic Surgery eagerly anticipates the opportunity to welcome you and provide exceptional care under Dr. Stephanie Scurci’s expertise.

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At Himmarshee Plastic Surgery, we are dedicated to helping you embrace your beauty and boost your confidence. Our team of highly skilled and compassionate surgeons is committed to providing the highest level of care and expertise in the field of plastic surgery. We understand that beauty is deeply personal, and our mission is to empower you to achieve your aesthetic goals while enhancing your natural features. Whether you’re considering a subtle enhancement or a transformative change, we are here to guide you every step of the way. With state-of-the-art facilities and a focus on safety, we offer a wide range of surgical and non-surgical options tailored to your unique needs. Your journey to a more confident and beautiful you begins here, at Himmarshee Plastic Surgery. Discover the possibilities and unlock your true potential with us.

Himmarshee Plastic Surgery in Fort Lauderdale
  • Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery Fellowship, Cleveland Clinic Florida, Board eligible

  • General Surgery Residency, University of Miami, Board Certified

  • University of Maryland School of Medicine, Medical Doctorate

  • St. Mary’s College of Maryland, Bachelor of Arts Biology and Neuroscience, Magna Cum Laude

  • Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery, Board Eligible

  • General Surgery, Board certified by American Board of Surgery (ABS)

  • Chief Resident Plastic Surgery, Cleveland Clinic Florida

  • Outstanding Performance on the In-Service Exam (>90%)

  • Resident of the Year, University of Miami, General Surgery

  • Chief Resident General Surgery, University of Miami

  • NIH Summer Cancer Research Training Award

  • NIH Post-baccalaureate Cancer Research Training Award

  • Best Scientific Research Thesis Award

  • St. Mary’s Academic Achievement Award Scholarship

  • Magna Cum Laude, St. Mary’s College

  • Capital Athletic Conference Scholar Athlete

  • NIH Post-baccalaureate Cancer Research Training Award.  National Cancer Institute Genetics Branch, Bethesda, Maryland. 

  • NIH Summer Cancer Research Training Award.  National Cancer Institute Lab of Molecular Technology, Frederick, Maryland

  • Undergraduate Thesis Project.  St. Mary’s College of Maryland, St. Mary’s, Maryland

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