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Facelift surgery, medically known as a Rhytidectomy, is a very popular facial rejuvenation surgical procedure that lifts your facial tissues to improve drooping facial skin, removing extra skin for a tighter, younger countenance. A facelift in Fort Lauderdale, FL is a cosmetic procedure often performed in conjunction with other facelift-adjacent procedures such as a neck lift, brow lift, blepharoplasty (eyelid surgery), rhinoplasty (nose job), facial fat grafting, or resurfacing chemical peel.

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What is a Facelift?

A facelift procedure is performed to improve the visual signs of aging and create an appearance that is smooth, soft, and defined. Committed to natural, long-lasting results, well-reputed and board-eligible plastic surgeons, Dr. Savannah Moon & Dr. Stephanie Scurci of Himmarshee Plastic Surgery in Fort Lauderdale, FL improve the visual appearance of the face by repositioning and resuspending the deep tissue to camouflage evidence of surgery.

Personalized to meet each client’s aesthetic goals, our surgeons at Himmarshee Plastic Surgery target each section of the face individually to create an overall look that is beautiful and refreshed.

Our surgeons specialize in facial plastic surgery. They underline their efforts to arrive at a harmonious facial anatomy of their clients to achieve the most natural, age-appropriate results possible.

The main goal of a facelift is to restore a more youthful contour to the face while maintaining your unique facial characteristics. 

A Facelift addresses the mid-face (cheeks) and lower face restoring a more youthful cheek contour and refining the jawline. The aging process involves the descent of facial fat of the cheeks and jowls, which a facelift repositions. A perfect solution for sagging jowls and a hanging neck, this surgical procedure gives patients a visual appearance that is vibrant, youthful, and restored.

Deep Plane Facelift

A deep plane facelift utilizes a plane of dissection below the superficial muscular aponeurotic system (SMAS) of the midface, allowing for the treatment of key facial retaining ligaments and maximum mobilization of the underlying muscles and soft tissues. By repositioning the deeper tissues, the procedure helps restore a youthful facial contour without requiring excessive tension on the skin avoiding a “pulled back” or overdone appearance. When tension on the skin is minimized, the appearance of the resulting scar is improved and more imperceptible. The technique also allows for better correction of the midface and nasolabial folds. Employing these techniques creates a more natural result that avoids the telltale “pulled back” appearance of a more traditional facelift.  A deep plane facelift can produce dramatic, natural, and sustainable rejuvenation of the lower face and the midface

Secondary and Tertiary Facelift

The facelifts described above are considered primary facelifts.  A facelift will give you a younger appearance, but the aging process will continue in the years following a primary facelift and some patients may desire a second (secondary) or third (tertiary) facelift.  A subsequent facelift may be able to be performed through a minimal approach similar to a mini facelift.  Secondary facelifts may also correct unsatisfactory scarring or ear malpositioning.  The recovery from a secondary or tertiary facelift is usually no longer than for a primary facelift.


Sometimes called a short scar facelift or a limited incision facelift, a mini-facelift is a cosmetic surgery that is a variation of the full facelift and procedure but is a less invasive alternative to a traditional facelift. A mini-facelift surgery procedure can be a good option for patients who want to address mild to moderate signs of the aging process but don’t require a full facelift. Patients who get a mini-facelift are generally younger and have less sagging skin. Therefore, less facial skin is removed. A mini-facelift procedure typically involves a quicker recovery with minimal downtime when compared to a traditional facelift, and can be done using local anesthesia. Mini-facelifts are typically best for younger patients looking to preventively fight signs of aging.

Who Are The Best Candidates For A Facelift?

The best Facelift Fort Lauderdale candidates at Himmarshee Plastic Surgery should have some of the following characteristics:

  • Committed to good skincare
  • Dissatisfied with their facial appearance
  • Have sagging facial tissues (i.e. deep wrinkles, jowls, double chin)
  • Keep a positive attitude throughout the process
  • Maintain realistic expectations
  • Be at or close to their desired target weight and have a healthy lifestyle
  • Understand the procedure, recovery time, and risks
  • Non-smoker
  • No serious underlying medical conditions

What Are The Benefits Of A Facelift?

Our patients looking to address age-related sagging facial skin have seen huge benefits from their Facelift in Fort Lauderdale, FL

  • A more contoured jawline and improvement in jowls
  • Natural results for a more youthful appearance
  • Reduces and can eliminate deep creases, including nasolabial fold and marionette lines
  • Lifted cheeks
  • Overall tightening up of loose skin

First Steps

What’s the first step?

The first step in getting a facelift at Himmarshee Plastic Surgery in Fort Lauderdale, FL is to schedule a consultation at our clinic. On the day of your appointment, your surgeon, either Dr. Savannah Moon or Dr. Stephanie Scurci, will evaluate your individual needs, cosmetic goals, and your unique facial structure and features. She will physically examine your unique facial features, including skin quality, skin laxity, soft tissue, sagging jowls, and facial and neck muscles.

She will review your medical history to ensure you are a good candidate for facial surgery. A medical evaluation by your primary care provider will also help determine the optimal anesthetic and surgical approach. 

If you are deemed a good candidate for a Facelift procedure, your surgeon will discuss what a surgical facelift involves, the pros and cons of the latest surgical techniques available, and which method would be best for you. She will also show you the options for incision placement and what you can expect from scarring.

Once you and your surgeon are satisfied with the direction of your procedure, she will create your custom procedure plan. Our Patient Coordinator will help schedule your surgical date and provide you with detailed instructions on how to prepare for your surgery.

These tips may include stopping certain medications in the days leading up to the procedure, avoiding sun exposure, and keeping up a thorough skincare routine.


What to Expect on the Day of Facelift Surgery

On the day of your Facelift surgery, you will first meet with your surgeon, who will discuss the details of your surgery. When you are comfortable and ready, you will be administered general anesthesia to make your experience as comfortable and painless as possible.

Once you are sedated, your surgeon will make an incision in front of your ear near your temples, continuing it under the earlobe towards the back of your ear, allowing it to blend in with your hairline. She will then gently lift the skin to tighten the underlying muscle and tissue, removing excess skin and excess fat, along the way.

The incisions will be placed along natural contours and within the hairline to conceal the appearance of scars post-healing. She will take your gender, ethnicity, and physical anatomy into consideration as she shapes your face. Once the deep tissue and facial muscles are repositioned and excess skin and excess fat deposits are excised, your surgeon will close the incisions with sutures under minimal tension to create minimal scar tissue.

After your surgery, a dressing will be gently applied to protect the incisions. You may also have one surgical drain to promote the removal of excess fluid.

Depending on the complexity of the surgery and the number of additional surgical procedures done, the process can take from four to six hours.

Facelift Recovery

The recovery period for a facelift can vary depending on the extent and depth of the procedure. Immediately following your procedure, you’ll need to rest and allow your body to heal. The surgery is typically an outpatient procedure but since you are sedated, it is wise to bring a family member or friend to help drive you back home.

You will be sent home with one drain placed along your neck. Drains are necessary for the facelift procedure to minimize swelling, fluid collection, and bruising. They typically come out the following day at your first post-operative appointment.

During facelift recovery, you can expect swelling, bruising, and discomfort in the first few days after the procedure. Your surgeon will provide a prescription for pain-reducing medication, in addition to detailed instructions on caring for the treated area, which includes keeping your head elevated as you sleep to reduce swelling and keep stitches secure.

Avoid strenuous activity and exercise for four weeks to allow the underlying tissues in your body to fully heal, however, you may walk and resume your daily activities.

The time it takes to return to work after a facelift surgery depends on the extent of the procedure and your healing journey. Most patients expect to take at least a week off work to recover from the procedure. For more complex facelift procedures or patients with physically demanding jobs, it may be necessary to take additional time off.


Facelift Cost

How Much Does Facelift Cost In Fort Lauderdale, FL

The cost of a Facelift in Fort Lauderdale, FL is widely determined by the facial rejuvenation techniques that Dr. Savannah Moon & Dr. Stephanie Scurci use and the degree and number of procedures necessary to meet your aesthetic goals. Further, it depends on anesthesia fees, surgeon’s fees, and a few other factors. The best way to find out how much it will cost for you is to come in for your initial consultation and let your surgeon create your surgical plan. Once made, our Patient Coordinator will be able to show you the price breakdown for your procedure.

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Why choose Himmarshee Plastic Surgery?

Himmarshee Plastic Surgery is a practice that prioritizes the individual aesthetic goals of each patient, striving to achieve natural, timeless, and refined surgical results.

Dr. Savannah Moon and Dr. Stephanie Scurci are both board-certified by the American Board of Surgery (ABS).  Following the completion of their comprehensive general surgery training, Dr. Savannah Moon and Dr. Stephanie Scurci went on to further specialize through a 3-year Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery fellowship at the Cleveland Clinic in Florida, where they met and served as chief residents.  In the course of their surgical training in South Florida, Dr. Moon and Dr. Scurci were in an ideal location to perform a vast range and quantity of aesthetic surgeries, developing expertise across a broad spectrum of procedures. Both Dr. Moon and Dr. Scurci are dedicated to achieving results that are subtle, elegant, and natural, tailored to each patient’s individual aesthetic aspirations.  

Himmarshee Plastic Surgery boasts an on-site surgical suite committed to prioritizing safety and ensuring optimal patient care.  Our surgical team includes a board-certified anesthesiologist and experienced nursing staff specializing in plastic surgery, providing a familiar and expert touch throughout your surgical journey.  The on-site operating room not only provides convenience and accessibility but also guarantees privacy, a crucial element for our patients.  All these factors align to make our on-site surgical suite a choice that combines safety, privacy, and convenience to create a concierge experience for our patients.

Facelift FAQ’S

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If you are in Fort Lauderdale, FL, and would like to improve your facial appearance cosmetically, a Facelift procedure at Himmarshee Plastic Surgery could be an excellent solution. To schedule your personal consultation, please contact our office or use our website to fill out a consultation request form. We look forward to taking the first step with you in achieving your desired aesthetic.

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